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Monday, 14 April 2014

Goodbye XP.

Windows XP support has ended on 8 April 2014.
Have You taken precautions? Or is the PC still using XP ?

If your company is still working with Windows XP, it is more then time to change that.

Why it is inacceptable to run your business with XP after the 8th of April I will explain here .

Windows XP , 7 and 8 use all the same codebase that was improved over time,cleaned up and modernized.
The main thing to understand is, that there are certain similarities.

When updates come, parts of the code is replaced for better code, for example, if a security hole is in the code, so that an attacker could be able to get access to the system.
When a security hole is detected in Windows 7 for example, then Microsoft will deliver a patch / update to close this (automatic updates).
In XP, this will not happen anymore. When it concerns code that is also a part of XP, then hackers may make your XP part of a criminal network to steal banking information, which could also be your banking data.

When you cannot afford a new PC, then you could switch to Linux, eg Ubuntu 12:04. If that would work depends on the programs used.

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