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About me

For me IT is working with people.

I was originally educated in healthcare, I should have been a physician and almost was one , but technology is in my blood.

For 8 years I was a system manager for IBM and DEC systems.


The first machine was a IBM36 with 15 terminals and 2 printers at Psychiatric Centre Schakenbosch.

Two years I have worked at Shared Medical Systems, an American company automating hospitals, then I switched to the customer as a system manager, Ikazia hospital in Rotterdam, where I became the head of the IT department after 3 years.

Computerraum with DEC VAX machines

Here is a typical example of a computer room with DEC VAX machines, we had three VAX systems in a cluster. I've expanded it with 1 Microvax for Office programs, 2 Digital Unix alphas for pharmacy and microbiology, furthermore there was a Novell server for human resource management and a communication server for communnication with general practicionars. At that time, I consolidated 3 networks (HIS, laboratory, HRM) into one. There were 3 segments of fiberglass and a copper backbone.

The organization of IT was much better integrated into the overall organization, with software manager for each user group and in one year, the negative attitude towards IT changed in a neutral or positive atitude.
My annual budget in 1995 was the equivalent of 750,000 Euro.

Ikazia Krankenhaus

Ikazia hospital

For 15 years I have been an independent contractor, first with my wife who was a very successful photographer. Our photo archive with over 200,000 slides is categorized for a very large part in a database and has a bar code so that it would get easier to administer. We have traveled extensively throughout Europe and I have programmed our own administrative system and operated it too. Later I digitized our photo archive  partially and introduced color management.
We have our own network with Linux servers and clients with Linux and MS-Windows, wired and wireless print server and NAS.

For 6 years I have worked as Stajl IT Consulting, for my customers I have:

  • installed PCs and networks and supported them
  • Linux servers installed
  • POS system installed
  • Simple websites programmed in PHP / HTML / CSS / javascript
  • wrote a web ordering system
  • Webshops installed and adjusted
  • Content management systems installed and adjusted
  • ERP installed
  • Made graphic adds
  • taught customers to work with open source software such as Open / Libre Office, Thunderbird, Gimp, Inkscape, etc.
  • and much more

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