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Point of sale

Point of Sale - cash system


Common PC hardware at the beginning, network-ready with no extra costs. (multilingual, examples in german)

pos on pc

expandable with (but not necessary a the start!)

  • barcode reader from about € 100, -
  • receipt printer from about € 200, -
  • touch screen from about € 350, -


Adaptable to any situation.

In order to achieve its business objectives, a point of sale system is a clear success factor.

There are enough POS systems that are designed specifically for retailers.
In most cases, they are cash registers with touch screen and a hefty price.

The latest technological demands can also be met without licensing costs and on a common PC.
Beginning with 1 PC without touchscreen, a mouse and a normal A4 printer and having the possibility to later expand with a receipt printer, cash drawer, touchscreen, bar code readers, card reader ATM cards.

If you already have a network with multiple PCs, each PC can function as a point-of-sale and work with a central database, because this POS system is license free, you can make as much points-of sale as you need. The demands on hardware are rather simple, it works on any PC that is not older than 4 to 5 years.

Log into the POS system

Cashiers who sign up can have different rights, so as to have only those functions needed for their job.

sale screen POS system

During the sales process, price changes can be made. One click search enables you to select a customer to print a personalised invoice on A4.
Even products that are not included in the database can be used as "unspecified" sale.

Product window POS system

The user-friendly program with large buttons and clear symbols guarantees a short learning curve, so the sale will be even faster.

You can run the system with multiple storage locations, minimum / maximum stock levels, etc. etc .
Because it uses a free database (MySQL), you can make connections with any other system, that is if the other system is able to import the data.

There are many standard reports included, but who wants to have it exactly to his demands, can use the integrated tools and make his own reports and lists in the POS system, with the click of a button you get the report that you wished.

Cash balance

With a simple handling and a quick sales process, concise information and many many ways to adjust the POS system to your own needs , this free system is the best option for starting companies.

Building on a professional base such as MySQL and Java, the use of parameters for customisation, the use of open technology makes this system a secure and customizable solution.

This free POS system with its great flexibility and adjustability to your needs, will increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Reports POS system

You save licensing costs, but you wonder what such a system will cost.
In the standard version, only the installation costs and the customisation, about € 240, - excl .
The rest depends on the wishes of the customer. So the initial investment is an hour of your time, for a personal interview to determine how you want to use your POS system. Depending on the work to be done, an offer be made.

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