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Content Management System

A Content Management Systeem is a pre-programmed system in which one can put content himself.

There is a so called backend where the user (customer) logs in and can change texts without knowledge of programming, or put photo's in pages, add delete copy or re-arrange pages and lots more.
Although I also support other Content Management Systems like Joomla or Drupal I chose for CMS Made Simple while it is simple to use for the users and offers me the best possibilities to make adjustments with PHP.

Prices start at € 1395,- for layout, CMS installation, adjustinging templates and stylesheets, photo editting up to 10 photo's, basic SEO, hosting and domain.

log into the backend

Mainmenu backend

content with all pages

Editting pages


The proceedings to get to a website with a CMS involve the following tasks:

Ordering the domain (or moving)/hosting
Domain .com
Installation on the Server
Core and other modules, adjustments (mailer/formmodule/statistics)

Graphical design just like with a simple Homepage
Graphical design entering into the CMS (templates and stylesheets)

Editting photos (max. 10)
Filling with content for the start 5 pages with photo's

Adjusting search engine files and upload them, signing up, load moduls and adjust them,

Instructing users, one or more
Care and support for using the CMS, first year

If you order a complete package you save money.

Loading optional modules (like the calendarmodul or googlemaps)
Adjusting modules: settings, stylesheets and templates
Filling modules with content for the first start.
Prices depend on the complexity of the module, when more modules are ordered at once there will be a price reduction.

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