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Internet is getting more and more important.

Nowadays almost every business is in the internet, probably with a website, a webshop or even with cloudcomputing.

The complexity is growing and for that you need a professional.

I offer my services in three categories.
These categories are not clearly separated, without ICT-knowledge one cannot make a professional website and without experience in graphical design a website will not look good.
With the integration of a website/webshop, financial system and a coporate design for all corporate documents these three categories melt together.


Graphical design


Stajl Art Site

for example
Webbusinesscard large € 200,-
and € 12,- per year domaincosts
1 page with logo and text
1 domain
2 e-mail-addresses work/private
registration with Google

Logo Compute-ability

for example:
Professional logo starting at € 700,-,
with 5 concepts
and different sizes

pos on pc

for example
Point-of-Sale on PC starting at € 240,-

Quick-and-dirty Scan € 600,-
5 Interviews problemanalysis
advice for enhancements

Handprogrammed website in PHP
Content management system (CMS)
Special webprogramms

Businesscard, Letterheads
Corporate Identity
Graphic adds

Analysis - Advice – Implementation
Point of sale – Finance software ERP
Hardware like PC-Networks and server
Software selection after analysis

Jan van Leeuwen

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