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Promotional art

Because I make a good graphical design when I build up a website it is to be expected that customers want to use this for their promotions. That is why I also deliver this kind of works, I charge an hourly fee for promotions.

Promotion Freudenthaler for a magazine
Above the christmas-action as promotion in a magazine.

At compagny Elmecker an at compagny Freudenthaler the logo and the website have the same images in the promotions making the brand better recognisable for customers.

Poster 1 x 2 meter for Einrichtungsstudio Elmecker

A poster of 1 x 2 meter for Einrichtungsstudio Elmecker.

Whether a businesscard, delivery note, invoice or businessletter it must be clearly recognisable whom it came from, that is why a good logo in all promotions is so important.

I deliver PDF-files ready for printing.

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