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Web programs

Webprogramms are there to coordinate activities with the help of a programm that runs in the internet.

You need a professional to implement such programms. I cannot give prices here, because every installation needs to be reviewed on an individual basis.

Webshops - Collaboration Suites - CRM - Other

The best example is a webshop, everyone that has access to the internet can have e look in your webshop at the products offered there and order them.
There are also integrated shopsystems in a CMS like with CMS made Simple, Joomla or Drupal.

It is important to understand what one wants to achieve with a webshop and to understand the consequences.
Starting a webshop means that zou offer your products WITHOUT limitations in distance, anyone that can understand your language has the possibility to order products.
It is therefore important to think upfront about shipping possibilities and shipping costs, including the costs for packaging. Where do I want to deliver and at what costs, with regular shipments, you can arrange a contract with companies like DHL, UPC, Post or other ones.

How do I check who ordered, whom do I trust?
Do I ask for payment in advance or open a paypal account?
What is with your capicity if lots of orders come in?
How large and how complex should my webshop be.

Except for an IT system you will need an organisational system to deal with the orders and with the deliveries.

It may be clear you need an organsational infrastrurure and that you will have to look for a shopsystem that fits your needs. This will raise many questions, like:

  • do I offer my products in more then one language, then I need to desribe them in all those languages.
  • do I want stockmanagement in my webshop so the customer knows how much I have got in stock and how long the delivery will take?
  • for deliveries abroad one must think of all the formalities like import and export for example to swtzerland
  • what possible consequences will it have if my competitors can see all my products and prices? Could that have negative consequences?
  • what payment methodes do I offer? The costs charged for different paymentsystems are also different. With every kind of paymentsystem there is administrative work to be done.
  • How many of my products already have a description that is suitable for a webshop, how about photo's, are there one or more photo's of each of my products?

If you want to implement a webshop I can help you with the choice for the right system and an organised start so that it will be a success, a preliminary necessity is to offer time and energy to build up the system without that it will never work.

There are licensefree nicer looking shopsystems that are harder to adjust. For every customer one needs to analyse which shopsystem fits best to his needs.

Here are some examples of licensefree webshops.

Simple webshop

This shop is no longer maintained and therefore another simple shop will soon be presented here (15th june 2013, Jan van Leeuwen).

Better webshop, on the basis of OSCommerce

OSCommerce is the oldest webshop, with 4000 addons highly adjustable, XT-Commerce is a fork and looks a bit nicer.

Prestashop, is highly adjustable.

Prestashop is the running starter and growing steadily, build like CMS Made Simple and with lots of addons often paid-for but not expensive.

Magento webshop, the biggest free webshop

Magento has a large marketshare with enterprise-customers it is not simple to implement, it can be connected with an ERP like OpenERP.


Collaboration Suite


There are several programms with which one can collaborate in internet. Sharing emails, documents and calendars.
Which programms are suitable depends on the focus of your business.

Zimbra (website in english) und Zafara (website in english) are compatible with MS-Exchange and some versions cost money, you will need an analysis to choose the right one.
These programs are in different languages.

Open Exchange is a program that is free as a community edition where you share e-mail / calendar / kontakts / addresses.

Open Exchange free as a community edition.


eGroupware free as a community edition.

eGroupware also offers projektmanagement, wiki and there is a community edition.

Learning to know these programs will cost time, one must have clear what information one wants to share, where the risks are and whether the investment in time will be worth it. To make the right decision one needs to know what one wants to achieve.


Customer Relation Managementprogramma

If one wants to support its customers through the internet there are several licensefree solutions that offer a lot of functionality like VTiger or SugarCRM. From the first contact with a prospect until the sale or the signing of the contract one gets an overview of the whole process. Just like with a collaboration suite one needs to know what one expects upfront and how much time and effort one wants to spend.




There are loads of other programs but the ones mentioned above are the most important ones for businesses.

If you have special demands you should do good to contact me, for almost every area there are free or priceworth programs, you just need to know where to find them and for that you need a professional.

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