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Consultation HW/SW

I can advise you in the selection of hardware and software.

You will be sure t select an adequate capacity. It makes no sense to try and talk you into buying a superlative that you do not need and is overpriced, that does not make sense.

PCPCHardware is getting cheaper and what you buy today is obsolete in less than a year. That s why I always consider how much capacity you need now and how much it will be in about 5 years. The lifetime of hardware is limited and for critical systems you need harware that lasts at least 5 years without problems and one needs to make sure that regular backups are made as well. Saving on an extra hard drive of about 60 euros does not make sense. For example, if a hard drive is broken, and you need a restoration of your administrative systems, without a backup it will cost many hundreds of Euros.
When buying hardware, it is necessary to buy branded goods because of the better warranty, For hardware I work with very reliable partners.

In software, this is a little more complex. Much depends on the way you do your work. How are the contacts with other suppliers, which files need to be shared. You can save money with the use of open-source software, which is legal and available for free. But one should not save on the wrong items, in some cases you can not do anything else then to buy paid software. You should always check what you do very carefully and choose the right program, so no over-priced over-capacity is purchased or a program that can not do what you need.


When considering networks good brands of equipment is even more important, Not is as nerve-killing than searching in a network with many computers, printers and other devices, for the cause of an error. Usually it costs  many hours and much money to clear such problems. Next thing you need with a network is a clear security policy, for a Trojan or virus is captured quickly and very hard to get rid of.

If you know what you need I can look for a solution that fits within the overall concept of your ICT. If you do not know what you might need I can help you to analyze your needs.


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