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For a good website, you need:

  • Computer Skills
    When programming sites you must be able to work with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Flash, Javascript. Providers should have sufficient knowledge in this area, if not, they should be avoided, they do not know how to deal with standards, set security measures or program for all common Web browsers.
  • Ergonomics knowledge
    Web design is ment to to present information. If visitors have to look on a website where to go for too long, then they will leave this site. You must inform yourself in the press about new trends in the use of websites and the way to attract visitors to your website and keep them there.
  • Creativity
    Every website should have its own face. There are tons of standard layouts but visitors are smart enough to see the difference and appreciate an own layout. Even though I am recognized as an artists in Austria, the customers wishes are always the most important because it is his website.
  • Knowledge of search engines
    A website that is not found, is useless. Search engines change their ranking of web pages and certain designers are constantly trying to trick search engines to come at the top of the list. One should provide good content and optimize for search engines, then you will be found.
  • Self-critical attitude
    Overconfidence is a characteristic of many self-proclaimed experts. You should consult collegues at a regular base to see where you can do better. No one can know everything but one must continue to educate ones self and in terms of the Internet you need to do that constantly. There are those that promise a website for very little fee. somewhere, there is then a problem. Some are so bold and deliver websites that are made with a code generator, which produces 2 to 10 times more code than necessary and make websites slow.

Building a good website takes time and therefore money, just like any professional work


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