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Logo Design

A good logo is a symbol that matches the core activity of your business.
To decide what your core activity is and which symbol reflects this the best, one needs an analysis and enough time.
For € 700, - you get 5 concepts from which you can choose and after you choose, files for icon, business card, banner (website) and stationery.

Requirements for a good logo are:

  • understandable
    logo and business must fit together, when viewing the image, the observer immediately should connect it to your company.
  • unmistakable
    The image should be connected with your company, similarity to another logo must be avoided for legal reasons. It is the identity of your company that must be presented at a glance.
  • imprintable
    imprinting works better when something is simple, hence the motto "the simpler the better." Your logo should be able to compete with the big global brands.
  • Reproducible
    A complex logo with many lines is difficult to scale, it is important that your logo looks good be it small or large. Therefore you usually get multiple versions.
    Used on all business documents, envelopes, this is a so called "Corporate Identity" which is the top in reproducibility.

    Some Examples.

    Logo Manare

    Logo voor Manare

    Jori Logo
    Logo Jori coaching (nl)

    Logo Compute-ability

    Logo Compute-Ability (nl)

    Logo Einrichtingsstudio Elmecker

    Logo Einrichtungsstudio Elmecker

    Preininger Weblogo als Zusatz

    Preininger weblogo als toevoeging

    Logo Ceto Antik

    Logo Ceto Antik

    Wegweiser Gnadenhof Viebig mit Logo

    Wegwijzer Gnadenhof Viebig met logo, logo in zwart-wit voor email, fax en briefpapier.

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