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Financial software

Why an open source accounting program, or better, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

The economy is changing and is becoming more dynamic. Traditional means of communication such as fax machines are replaced by e-mail
The technology of the Internet is used more often, because it offers.

  • Unparalleled reliability
  • Low costs in large-scale networking
  • available for all computers through the webbrowser
  • slightest investment in infrastructure - the Internet is based largely on open source software

An accounting application that uses a web browser as a user interface makes it possible, to get access via a minimal network to corporate data. With a browser as a graphical user interfaces each computer can use the program regardless of the operating system.
This program has been designed as a web application, with the primary objective of efficiency and user friendliness. It was written with first-class programming tools that allow you to use it on most computers and operating systems. Please remind that the screenshots presented here are English demo data.

Sign into the System

The features it offers, distributed in a logical structure with user friendlyness are: sales, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, inventory, production, and general ledger. You will find the following functions.

  • Multitenant
  • Multilanguage
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Seller
  • revenue types / price lists
  • payment
  • credit status
  • tax calculations
  • prices and discounts
  • accounts receivable entries
  • customer evaluations
  • debtors reports
  • sales reports
  • customer ordersContract management costs
  • production
  • General Ledger
  • Report-/Formgenerator
  • and more

main menu financial system

Like most open-source software this program has no license costs, it is "free".
Only the installation and setup of this system has to be paid, all who contribute to the further development
earn their money in this way, which is a global group of
programmers and consultants.

There are two ways to install this system, on a web server in the Internet, so that everybody
in Internet, with a password and user name can get access, Or a Web server in-house, an intranet. An intranet server, can only be accessed within the own company.
Although the system has a good safety, I advise my clients the intranet installation.
You need a server, the best Linux, a network with PCs and a printer. Because the program has very modest hardware requirements the initial investment is low.

customer selects

You should not underestimate the  implemantation, step by step, each part of the workflow is
brought into a new system where it may be more difficult to arrange things outsidee the proposed workflow. But for that you get a much better control of your business, for example, which bills were not paid, how much revenue is made by certain vendors, etc.

customer data

chart of accounts

profit and loss


To understand how it all works and how much it might cost in your situation, we must first have a meeting where is explained in more detail, how such a project can be implemented in your business.

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